New Look of the Hotel Lev in Ljubljana

The lobby bar, breakfast room, gym and hairdresser located in the mezzanine of the hotel and last, but not the least, even their conference hall got a new look.

With 7 conference halls and 173 hotel rooms and suites, the staff at the Hotel Lev always seems to reach out to the next level, day by day and year by year offering more comfort to their guests.

Hotel Lev’s public areas were ready to get a new style and setting. Not only the lobby bar and the breakfast room, but they even created a new Wine Corner to offer their guests wines from all around the globe to comply with their desires.

After a rich and delicious breakfast served in the renovated breakfast room with a little urban herb garden, one would feel ready to start the day – but first, the healthy spirit needs to take care of a healthy body! Every day, 24/7, Hotel Lev is welcoming you in the mezzanine of the hotel in their new gym! They have it all – from exercise bikes, rowing machine, weight lifting, running track, to the device for strengthening the abdominal muscles and more! Their gym offers also the devices for cardio training as well as devices to keep the strength intended for the various body muscles. Keep in shape even when traveling!

Did you just say – “bad hair day”? There is no bad hair day while staying in Hotel Lev. They have an in-house hairdresser, who will make sure you will have orderly and healthy hair. For the cherry on the top, they will even shape your eyebrows, do your make-up, and nails!

When having everything under one roof, in one hotel … one wishes for nothing more than staying in Hotel Lev again.