New Restaurant & Beach Bar Opens its Doors in Mediterranean Slovenia

Pinija Restauran in Strunjan
Pinija Restauran in Strunjan

Get to know the diverse flavours of the Mediterranean at the newly opened culinary temple, Pinija – Restaurant & Beach Bar: fish and shellfish from the Adriatic Sea, tomatoes from the southern slopes of Vesuvius, olive oil, basil and oregano, cheese, fleur de sel from the Sečovlje salt pans, as well as homemade pasta and Istrian truffles, char-grilled steaks, delicious desserts and cocktails.

In this part of the Strunjan coastline, Slovenian Istria, with its wonderful view out onto the sea and the skyline of Piran, has a unique and authentic flavour.  A flavour to remember.

The best ingredients from a healthy Mediterranean environment, which are then carefully prepared, ensure the dishes are full of flavour. This is only added to by the charming location of the Pinija restaurant, situated right by the sea, offering a pleasant ambiance, aromatic air and the most beautiful sunsets.

The Napolitan pizza in Slovenia? Why not!

The Neapolitan pizza is a culinary masterpiece that that was pronounced UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status in 2017 – at Pinija they make this speciality pizza following a fixed set of steps and according to the highest standards of quality, using ingredients that have been awarded Protected Designation of Origin status such as San Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese-Nocerino tomatoes, Fior di latte dei Monti Lattari cheese and Campana buffalo mozzarella.

The restaurant is named after the trees in the unique avenue of 110 pine trees that line both sides of the road. It is a natural monument that expresses a warm welcome to everyone who visits Strunjan.