NEW: The APILAB Centre of Innovative Technologies – the House of the Carniolan Bee

APILAB in Slovenia
APILAB in Slovenia

The APILAB Centre of Innovative Technologies – the House of the Carniolan Bee is the first experiental story about the Carniolan Bee in Slovenia. It is a unique intertwining of entrepreneurship and beekeeping, modern technology with the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, innovative approaches and traditions.

The building of the former school in Višnja Gora, which overlooks the picturesque medieval square, became the first Slovenian house named after the Carniolan bee. It tells the story of the Slovenian autochthonous and other most widespread bee species in the world. While the Carniolan queen bees were sent to the world by the ambitious Emil Rothschütz from the nearby Podsmreka castle, his father, Dr. Filip Rothschütz was the first to describe the Carniolan bee. The APILAB Centre of Innovative technologies ApiLab – the House of the Carniolan Bee has become an educational labyrinth, inspired by the bee world, and an entrepreneurial hub in the municipality of Ivančna Gorica and beyond.

The visitor will be able to peek into the living beehives of the Carniolan bees and with a help of digital tools learn about the work of the Rothschütz family. One of the most exciting things will definitely be the opportunity to sleep in the hive – innovative accommodation units are located in the top floor of the house.

The investment was led by the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica, and co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Slovenia.