Otočec Castle and its Wine Cellar in the Noble Ambiance

Otočec Castle lies on an attractive island in the middle of the River Krka, a river full of tufa formations and small islets around which flow the water and its many birds can be found. It was built far back in the 13th century surrounded by many wine-growing hills and is the only preserved water castle in Slovenia today. The castle is now home to a high-end five star hotel, a proud member of the international family of hotels and chateaus, Relais & Châteaux, which manages it together with Terme Krka.  

Viticulture is the tradition of the surrounding region.The Dolenjska region is known for its special wine that has been produced here for centuries – Cviček. From the hills here you have a view of all the little vineyard cottages whose cellars are brimming with barrels of this aromatic wine. 

As we want to invite both our foreign and domestic guests to enjoy some of these wonderful wines, we have recently converted one of the castle towers into a top-of-the-line winery, which is just one more thing for our guests to enjoy here. The winery is home to many superb wines from both Slovenia and abroad; white, red, full-bodies, aromatic and sweet wines that are presented and served in the charming atmosphere of the circular castle tower.Every wine enthusiast knows that wines must be stored at a constant temperature and the wine cellars must be airy, dark and clean. And that is exactly what the Otočec Castle winery provides, plus it has a chandelier that creates a wonderful castle ambience.

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