Paideia Events with Two Bigger Events in September

Dacia and POP Promenada by Paideia Events
Dacia and POP Promenada by Paideia Events

In September, the event management agency Paideia Events transformed two Ljubljana locations into the venue of two of its bigger events. Špica hosted the first regional family picnic for the car brand Dacia, whereas Pro Plus media company presented its fall program scheme at the Slovenian Railway Museum.

Špica, Ljubljanica river embankment landscaped as a park, was the venue of the first family picnic for Dacia in September, organized by this car brand together with the event management agency Paideia Events. Following the success in Ljubljana, where around 300 car owners and their family members visited the picnic, Renault Nissan Slovenia organized an event also in Zagreb and Belgrade. Picnic, varied social program for all generations and, of course, the opportunity to test drive the latest models awaited the vehicle lovers.

For the fourth time, the Slovenian Railway Museum has hosted POP Promenada, which remains one of the most anticipated social events of the fall. Promenada that Paideia Events coorganized with Pro Plus hosted about 800 guests this year. It is a traditional event for business partners of this leading media company which put its online offer in the spotlight this time. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first click on and the 10th anniversary of the on-demand VOYO video library.

Paideia Events, which organizes numerous events for various clients, will continue in this working rhythm in the coming months. One of the major events, Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity, is coming up already in October. It will be held in the hotel Slovenia in Portorož between 17 and 18 October.