Paideia Events introduces portable studio for online events

Paideia Events
Paideia Events

Times have well and truly changed with COVID-19 and the new regulations pose a large challenge for meeting planners everywhere. Based on latest research data, most meeting professionals believe events will, at least for the foreseeable future, take a hybrid form. This brings many adaptations to how events are organized and carried out and it is thus the perfect time to innovate and bring alternative solutions to the market. And at Paideia, they have done just that.


Paideia has prepared the first portable studio for professional online conferences. It is equipped with 3 cameras and all the necessary equipment for a professional online conference (computers for presentations, speaker monitors, portable microphones, audio and video directing). The setting up of the studio takes a maximum of 2 hours, and only WIFI is required for the setup. The conferences can be broadcast on various platforms – Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, Skype.

The new studio was already tested out on the first conference, held at the Grand Hotel Union.


Finding a location, suitable for hosting an online conference might prove to be a challenge and Paideia has sorted that out as well. They offer 3 different locations, where the environment is already prepared for an online conference set up. These venues are the Glej Theatre and the Old power station (Stara elektrarna) in Ljubljana and the Old post office (Stara pošta) in Kranj.

Of course, due to its mobility, the studio can also be set up in any conference room, presentation room or on a terrace.

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