Slovenia – Why not as an incentive destination? Slovenia is a fantastic destination for great outdoor activities. Team-building and special activities encompass a wide array of programmes, such as canyoning, hydrospeeding, kayaking and rafting on white waters, sailing, snowshoeing, sledding, ice-climbing, to name just a few.

Several members of the Slovenian Convention Bureau can help you find the right destination and programme for your group.

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Kompas team has delivered numerous events across Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, from capital cities to remote villages and medieval castles. We  have worked at some of the country’s best and most diverse venues.

We welcome the groups from all over the world, always  meeting their personal wishes and needs and offering the best  for every budget. 

Destination Management Services include organisation of:

  • Accommodation (from international and boutique hotels to glamping and camper vans) 

  • Ground and air transportation (plane tickets, high quality buses, vans, private cars, oldtimer cars and motor bikes, helicopters, bicycles)

  • Restaurants and venues (from castles and fancy restaurants to local and traditional venues)

  • Culture and city tours (museums, castles, squares, food tours)

  • Excursions (tailor made tours around the country: cities, caves, waterfalls, gorges, lakes, parks…)

  • Teambuilding and sport activities (treasure hunt, city discovery challenges, culinary workshops, cycling, rafting, kayaking, rowing, walking, sailing, ice skating, snowshoeing, husky ride…)

  • Entertainment  (bars, clubs, pubs, private venues at restaurants, castles, museums, old factories, lofts…)

  • Guides and assistants (professional guides with excellent knowledge of a destination, speaking your own language and assisting you along your journey)

Contact Person: Saša Milač Žura

Address: Dunajska cesta 117, 1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 (0)1 2006 419

E: sasa.milac@kompas.s


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It can be said that when organising a programme in Slovenia the sky is the limit… To help you chose the right incentive programme for you and your group, Slovenian Convention Bureau in collaboration with Kongres Magazine, issued “Slovenian Incentive Ideas Book”, a brochure that contains more than a 100 incentive programmes done in Slovenia.

Slovenia is a destination to discover. Featuring three geographic, three climate but also three wine regions gives you endless opportunities. Adding 24 gastronomic regions makes it even more interesting topped by Slovenian hospitality that will make your incentives memorable. Slovenia is a boutique destination and is intended for nature lovers and those that are looking for something out of the beaten track. For those that want to leave as friends of the country and interest to come back to reconnect. Slovenia will get under your skin. You just have to give it a try.

Ms. Geraldine Huybrechts

Borealis Belgium, twice Site Crystal Award Winner