Portorož: Grand Hotel Bernardin Beach – exclusive 5-star experience for memorable experiences

Grand Hotel Bernardin_outdoor dinner setting
Grand Hotel Bernardin_outdoor dinner setting

Sometimes, all we need for an unforgettable experience is for all pieces to come together into perfection and create a kaleidoscope of happiness that puts a smile on our face. We can bring this experience to 900 sitting or standing guests at the exclusive beach of Grand Hotel Bernardin, who can surrender to the sounds of the waves, the caressing sea breeze, unforgettable sunsets, and the scent of the sea that intertwines with exquisite culinary creations only a step away from the sea. 

In such a magical location, all you need to do is take a moment to enjoy our slow food programme under the creative management of maestro Aleš Grašič. Enjoy his gastronomic creations with a selection of wines in the form of a wine duel where guests are served wines from two winemakers with each dish and they decide which taste wins them over.

The Grand Hotel Bernardin offers elegant tables that are perfect for a prime experience of enjoying the exquisite mixture of local and Mediterranean food from fresh seasonal ingredients, but can also arrange intimate corners with loungers. All you have to do is surrender to the superb service of our staff who make you feel like a star while you listen to the soothing rhythms of ambience music in the background. 

The Grand Hotel Bernardin beach is perfect not only for an intimate relaxation in the best possible company while your taste buds are being pampered to the max, but is also an amazing venue for concerts by renowned musicians, who make you dance and sing out loud under the lights and lanterns on the beach, forgetting the world around you!

If you wish that you could stop time and capture a special moment that you could keep forever, the 5-star experience on the Grand Hotel Bernardin beach (5 stars for location, culinary offer, wines, music, and pampering of all senses at the same time) is the right choice for you! After all, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. The events on the exclusive Grand Hotel Bernardin beach are undoubtedly such moments. 

Experience your piece of the story of Istria!

More: http://www.hoteli-bernardin.si/mice/

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