Portorož: The Lepa Vida Platform – Istrian “festa” with a pinch of yearning

Confeence SZE 2021, Portorož Foto: Barbara Reya/barbarareya.si
Confeence SZE 2021, Portorož Foto: Barbara Reya/barbarareya.si

Are you familiar with the Slovenian myth of Lepa Vida (Fair Vida), a woman filled with yearning, who leaves her home in hope of a better life and moves to a distant land in order to find contentment? Her spirit remains caught on the Lepa Vida platform only a step away from Hotel Histrion but, with our help, unlike the heroine of the myth, her spirit does not seek perfection elsewhere but finds it directly on site.

This venue, directly along the sea, offers views of the distant horizons that promise new opportunities but still provides a safe haven in the embrace of the feeling of home and the caressing delicacies of Slovenian Istria. This is a perfect combination for up to 700 standing or up to 400 sitting guests, who can enjoy a festive dinner, an elegant reception, a fun fish picnic or a stylish cocktail party at the Lepa Vida Platform. Events organised in the spirit of a true Istrian “festa”, with Istrian specialties such as crostoli, pinca, salt cod spread, Istrian sausages, sheep milk cheese with herbs, and others, served on typical stands and with traditional “klapa” multipart singing in the background, are ideal for networking, socialising, and meets and greets, with participants sharing their dreams, yearnings and pleasures under the glow of romantic lanterns. 

The typical “maritime” decorations made of fishing nets, sea shells and floating candles give the impression of standing on a fishing boat, which is not far from the truth, as the platform also serves as a port for boats of all sizes that you can rent for a panoramic trip across the bay or can even choose to have your dinner served on water. Seafood enthusiasts will love the fact that they can choose their own dinner and intercept the catch of the day before it goes on the grill. Our barmen will gladly mix you a Fair Vida cocktail to quench your yearning for a refreshment.

Food plays the main role at every true “festa” and the same can be said about this “festa” as well. It will not be just the sunsets that will make you catch your breath but also the culinary shows of our chefs who will see to the fusion of Mediterranean cuisine and local spices, with the dishes served by our sociable and outgoing staff who mainly come from the local environment.

Fair Vida searched for happiness and satisfaction at the other end of the world; you can find it close by – on a platform bearing her name, along Hotel Histrion, where we will listen to your yearnings for better and more beautiful events in the style of Istria with the help of breathtaking nature. 

Experience your piece of the story of Istria!

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