Postojna Cave Celebrates the 200th Anniversary

Intours DMC_Surprise incentive Postojna
Intours DMC_Surprise incentive Postojna

The credit for the discovery of the most beautiful parts of the Postojna Cave has been mistakenly accredited for many years to Postojna district treasurer – Löwengreifu. Since their true discoverer was the light keeper  Luka Čeč, the Postojna Cave decided to celebrate the jubilee year with the opening of the memorial platform, which they named after him. This was the first in a series of events to celebrate Luka Čeča and his discovery at the 200th anniversary. Adding to that the upocming events in Postojna Cave will focus on sustainable development, especially in activities that improve the state of the cave.

“The renovation of the platform was necessary,” said Marjan Batagelj, the president of the board of Postojna cave at the presentation of the old platform, which did not meet the aesthetic standards of the cave. His thought, when opening the new station, was complemented by the statement by architect Nicole Motoh: “The concept of architecture in the cave can not and must not defy energy and experience, but it must be discreet and adapted to the spirit of the natural environment.”

Marjan Batagelj, President of the Management Board, at the press conference presented last year results, which were the best in the history of the tourist development of Postojna Cave. The results, even this year after a quarter of a year, show that the Postojna Cave has so far visited as much as 20% more visitors than the previous year, with the announcement of new records by the president of the board of directors.

This summer, they plan to open the Eavesdropping Museum and expand the wellness offer with speleoterapy and the autumn will be colored with a central event on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Postojna Cave.

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