Prince Aviation in Slovenia

Prince Aviation
Prince Aviation

Prince Aviation, first and the biggest business aviation airline in South-Eastern Europe has opened an affiliate office in Ljubljana, Air Prince. Company with its headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia, has more than 25 years of experience in business aviation and is the best guarantee for knowledge of the needs and requirements and satisfaction of customers.

Slovenian affiliate office Air Prince has goal to provide freedom, style and luxury of private air travel focusing on industry safety demands and on the other hand details of its services and satisfaction of customers. The company’s fleet represent 2 aircraft Cessna 560XL Citation XLS (8 seats) and a completely new Falcon 2000LXS (10 seats) which offers a flexible and effective solution to business class requirements.

Ljubljana offices will provide the services based on values of its headquarter company, which are focusing on personal approach and high quality services that meet the highest standards. The aviation airline has the goal to avoid unnecessary waiting at airports and unnecessary delay operator with less travel time and reducing the possibility of delays. Customer can benefit from the flexibility and security of travelling to exactly where they need to be, flying on their own terms and to their own schedule.

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