Campaign »I Feel 25«

Slovenian Apples_www.slovenia.info_Nea Culpa
Slovenian Apples_www.slovenia.info_Nea Culpa

A Quarter of a Century of #sLOVEnia

The year 2016 marks the quarter of a century commemoration of Slovenia’s independence and sovereignity. To celebrate this occasion we’re launching a series of stories »I Feel 25« portraying our unique Slovenian Energy, that je ne sais qui that makes us truly different.

Slovenia might be a young country but with we have a deep and rich history. We’ve been populated since the Stone Age: our ancestors were Slavs who migrated from the Carpathians to the present-day territory in the 6th century, founding the oldest known Slavic state one hundred years later.

Throughout our history we’ve always been at the crossroads of Meditteranean, Germanic and Slavic cultures and this has left its mark on our country today. We might be one of Europe’s smallest countries but we’ve got richly diverse regions and great traditions in food and wine. As a people, we’re hard working, progressive, naturally friendly and welcoming.

The Slovenian Convention Bureau will present 25 stories »I Feel 25« about our country aimed at meetings and event professionals who crave something new, different, off-the-beaten track. The stories will be thematically connected to various fields like people, environment, business, science, art, culture, nature, women, etc. A series of stories will highlight the natural charm, 24h smile, team flexibility and personal touch that are the unique signature of Slovenia Meetings.

Slovenia is the only country with LOVE in its name. According to an old legend, the pure feeling of love connects the sea with the mountains, forests with waters, fields with vineyards and the secrets of the underworld with the light of the sky. We are all immensly proud of our land and our green hearts beat to the rhythm of nature.

Enjoy our stories about Slovenia and piece them together into your own narrative! We hope these tidbits about our lovely country will showcase its potential and the exciting opportunities it offers, perhaps encouraging you to choose Slovenia for your next event.

Stay tuned for more I Feel 25 stories!

Photo Credit:, Nea Culpa