Ptuj, Embraced in Historic Atmosphere


Take a walk through history and pave it with new experiences! Few cities have managed to preserve their centuries-old medieval feel like Ptuj has. Come and join us as we take a closer look at the oldest city in Slovenia, filled with Roman statues and medieval buildings. The paved streets and squares will lead you to one of the most majestic castles in Slovenia, from which your view will slip from rooftop, to monastery, to church. In 2019 the marvelous city of Ptuj was celebrating the 1950 year anniversary of its first written mention in antique sources which has been acknowledged in many events including the opening of the archaeological museum exhibition Heart of Poetovio. Numerous historic sites with breathtaking views serve as a fine basis for congress meetings and accompanying events. 

Slovenia’s oldest city is celebrating 

The first written mention of Ptuj stretches back to 69 A.D.. During that year, Roman Poetovio hosted a military consultation of Illyrian legions where the commander of the 7th legion, Marcus Antonius Primus convinced commanders of other legions to support Vespasianus, who was one of the main contenders competing for the title of Roman emperor. This decision proved to be very wise since later Vespasianus accomplished this goal. The 1950th anniversary of the first written mention in antique sources is also noted by the Ptuj – Ormož Regional Museum, which is hosting an archeological exhibition entitled Heart of Poetovio. The exhibition is based on new archeological research and examines Ptuj’s last undeveloped sight that served as the center part of the antique city of Poetovio. A non-destructive, geophysical research combined with previous archaeological research yielded new results in the form of knowledge of ancient architecture, streets, buildings, shrines and squares. The exhibition will be on display in the East Tower of Ptuj Castle from 22. November 2019 until 31. December 2020.

A remarkable ambient

The Ptuj – Ormož Regional Museum, one of the oldest and biggest museums in Slovenia, can provide the solution for all your business, educational or professional needs. The grand hall of Ptuj castle is able to accept up to 170 guests who will appreciate pleasant ambient decorated with a rich painting collection from the 17th century. They portrait famous Ottoman and European military commanders, dignitaries, and ladies from the Ottoman empire. Another option at your disposal is the historical Romanesque palace which offers a view of the old city center fit for a king.

Apart from the majestic and spacious castle rooms and courts, Ptuj offers additional unique venues. The Dominican monastery dates to the 13th century and currently houses a congress and cultural center. The renovated part of the monastery complex holds three halls modernized with up-to-date equipment required for conducting all kinds of congress activities (the biggest hall is able to welcome more than 350 visitors). The halls are connected with a medieval cross corridor and together with lobbies, inner and outer yards and a Sun park provide plenty of opportunities for formal and informal gatherings as well as other congress-related activities.

The oldest slovenian wine cellar, wine tasting in the dark and lovely boutique wine shops

The story of the oldest wine cellar bares witness of a history rich in wine tradition. Its beginnings first appear in 1239, when the monks of the Minorite order build a wine cellar underneath the monastery. Apart from an impressive collection of archive wines, the Ptuj wine cellar also keeps a special treasure hidden in the dark – the golden wine from 1917, which is the oldest Slovenian wine. The Ptuj wine cellars tasting chamber offers a marvelous space for all sorts of events for up to 60 attendees. Apart from a renowned selection marked with international seals of approval, a special wine tasting of archive wines can be arranged. If you fancy something more that just wine, a combination with boutique slovene chocolate or dinner is also available.

Have you tried wine in complete darkness? This type of unique experience is waiting for you in the tunnels under the Ptuj castle and brings you closer to the nectar of kings. The complete darkness helps us not only taste, but to feel the wine as well. Let your taste buds capture its fragrant essence and depths, yet at the same time acquaint yourself with the story and tastes of the oldest Slovenian city. Let Hidden Ptuj be your guide on a truly unique journey!

As strange as it may sound, wine adventures do not end here. If you’re up for a stroll down Prešernova street, wine shop Osterberger (part of Hotel Mitra) can serve you a vast number of wines from all Slovenian regions along with the Ptuj coffee brand Kipertz, which dates back to 1785. Joseph Kipertz, an important Ptuj resident, known as an organizer of gala and social events was firstly an excellent coffee vendor and roaster. Since then, hotel Mitra has been attracting many visitors with the mesmerizing smell of roasted coffee. Apart from enjoying wine delights, marvelous coffee and spacious themed rooms (Roman, medieval, bourgeois or modern) your guests are also able to visit the Herberstein Saloon, Saloon Alojzija Strauss or the Mithrae garden, which are perfect for all sorts of congress events.

Intimate wine experiences for smaller groups can also be a possibility if you decide to pay a visit to Kogl Winery or Kobal Winery. Be it either the king of sauvignon (wine shop Kobal) or  the idilic Slovenski Square (wine shop Kogl), you will never ran out of opportunities of meeting and experiencing premium wines from the Ptuj region.