Ramada Resort hotel Kranjska Gora voted for “Best ski hotel 2021”

This special reward of the 9th annual World Ski Awards is not only an important sign of the guests trust but also an acknowledgement to Hit Alpinea’s employees who work hard to keep the level of service not just in winter, but in all seasons. 

Kranjska Gora, together with Hit Alpinea’s hotels, offers a rare kind of an idyllic setting throughout the year, a stimulating environment that helps people connect and reconnect. Therefore it’s not a coincidence, that beside skiing, business event planning has a long-standing tradition there. Upholding the highest standards in meeting industry, Hit Alpinea is a reliable partner in organising all kind of business events on a perfect location with a team of professionals. The Planica conference hall at the Ramada Resort hotel, for example, offers you a beautiful view on the ski slope, while no other halls lacks natural light. All bright with many dividing option, all with air-conditioning and modern technical equipment. And when you want to add a lighter note to your event, the most sunny snow beach is just behind of the hotel doors. 

Someone once wrote: “Hit Alpinea is the perfect example that illustrates the saying “Business and tourism are as good as the people behind them.” 

So, let’s meet here. 

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