Ready, Set, Refresh!

Culture is an essential element of travelling. The spirit of a destination, its heartbeat, is often first perceived in the geographical context. Imagine if the whole world knew just one culture? Every nook of the world would seem ordinary, we’d be having a déjà vu everywhere, authenticity would simply mean familiarity. Isn’tanother world precisely what we’re after when we’re on our way? Looking at this through the prism of rapidly growing trends in the MICE industry: organizers and participants desire authentic incentive experiences in fresh, unconventional destinations off the beaten track. In this regard, Slovenia is a bull’s-eye opportunity!

Water – the element of life, the boon of mother Nature. Slovenia is rich in water sources, ranking among the top countries in Europe. Here, you practically can’t go a step without spotting a stream, river, lake, a glimpse of the sea or even a thermal spring. Profound respect for water is a historical tradition of the land, and pure spring water is a deep component of Slovenian culture. In the Renaissance, our famed polymath Johann Weikhard von Valvasor already wrote of the priceless abundance of this subalpine country’s crystal springs. Today drinking water is Slovenia’s national treasure, a fundamental public good as well as the constitutional right of its citizens.

If any land wishes to boast

of having much milk and honey,

that is, that God blessed it

with fruit and abundance in all His glory,

then it must first boast to have

an abundance of rivers, streams and clear springs.

Johann Weikhard von Valvasor

The secret to wellbeing lies in the 87 natural thermal springs Slovenia has to offer. Pure benevolence! Healthy waters, pleasant climate and other traits represent the core of our fifteen certified natural health spas strewn across Slovenia from the Adriatic Sea to the Pannonian Basin. Water is life, sustenance, energy, it nourishes the economy and, of course, the planet. Water is beauty and rebirth. Did you know about the selfness concept of business meetings, developed in this charming nook of the world in harmony with the environment? The selfness approach nurtures attention to the self, exploring how to take a short break from our frantic realities while still living that»Carpe diem!«, hand in hand with the path we feel is our own.

Ommmm … Pure Zen, the land of Slovenia. Peaceful and scenic, a place where you can return to the first principles. Back to nature, back to the self, genuinely and profoundly. Soul-searching is always a grateful act, and in Slovenia you just might rediscover a valuable gift: the significance of grace towards the self and others. Perhaps you’ll even take a little piece of the selfness philosophy back to your office, among family, friends and professional circles. Just to brighten up the day.

Our formula for a sparkly autumn incentive in the Slovenian spas remains the same as in springtime: green + active + healthy makes for a multisensory #ifeelsLOVEnia experience. Add a pinch of laughter, and the carefully selected experiences, attention to detail and personal note will leave a wow! impression with your visitors, the greatest satisfaction of any host or delegate. Your autumn incentive experience is sure to receive some special energy from the locals, too. A kind-hearted welcome and a “yes, we can!” attitude namely awaits in every corner of Slovenia.

Good to go? Ready, set, refresh! In Slovenia, where else.

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Welcome, and let us impress you!

Author: Jasna Jašič, Marketing & Communications Manager, Slovenian Convention Bureau, photo: Nea Culpa d.o.o.