Record Value of Exports in Tourism, First Quarter of 2016


The Bank of Slovenia has prepared a report on economic data for tourism, focusing on the value of imports and exports of travelĀ and, consequently, their contribution to the Slovenian economy. Tourism in Slovenia generated more than 10 million overnight stays in 2015, and in general contributes 13 % of total GDP.
According to the Bank of Slovenia (BS), the value of travel exports in 2015 was a little more than 2.2 billion EUR, which is the highest value for Slovenia in absolute terms. In addition to 8.8 % growth compared with 2014 the Bank of Slovenia also recorded the highest relative growth in the last seven years. In comparison with the very successful tourism year of 2008, travel exports grew by 22 %.
In March 2016, the value of travel exports grew by 14.3 % compared to March 2015. It has also increased considerably in the first three months of 2016 (+9.4 % compared to the same period of 2015). Almost half of all the overnight stays were generated by tourists from the following five countries: Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia and the Netherlands (in total 48.6 % of foreign overnight stays).

The Bank of Slovenia