Sava Hoteli Bled Presents New Promo MICE Video “Meetings with Character”

Sava Hoteli Bled_Meetings with Character
Sava Hoteli Bled_Meetings with Character

The majority of travellers watch videos as a source of travel inspiration, and are looking for cultural information and connection. Video, as a medium, has the power to connect with the viewer on an emotional level that goes beyond mere travel information, which in turn may affect booking decisions and brand preferences. The aim is to reach audiences by telling stories (Source: Online Video Content: The Future of Destination and Travel Information, 2015).

To show the devotion and tight relationships among employees of Sava Hoteli Bled, the local community at destination Bled, and some of the key opinion makers in Slovenian meetings industry, these players were all invited to partake in the filming of new promotional video with the meaningful title “Meetings with Character”.

Video covers a broad spectrum of opportunities and activities a business guest can experience while attending an event in Bled. A tight connection with nature and overall environmental awareness, out of the box ideas, boosting brain power and maintaining a healthy lifestyle even while on the road are the video’s main messages. Exceptional meeting spaces and breakout venues are captured on track, that “teleport” the viewer almost to being there in person.

Meet with Character at Sava Hoteli Bled: