Sava Hotels: Victoria Jewellery Great Incentive – Prestigious and Elegant Event Impresses All

This year was the first time the Grand Hotel Bernardin hosted the Victoria Jewellery Great Incentive event, a kind of prize meeting for the best sales representatives marketing Victoria Jewellery products.

The event, which was originally planned for May 2020, but cancelled due to Covid-19, was instead held in September 2021 and attended by 270 guests. The programme was based around the awarding of prizes for best sales representatives and of course jewellery. Cuisine also played an important part, as guests were treated to 2 lunches (one on the beach of the Grand Hotel Bernardin), 2 themed dinners (the first in the Emerald Hall, the second in the Evropa Hall), 2 breakfasts and an aperitif. The Belgian organisers and all the participants were simply mesmerised by the location, with the whole concept and movement between the activities being, according to the organisers, the best so far. The Grand Hotel Bernardin once again proved itself as an industry-leader in terms of on-site services, with everyone performing excellently – the reception, catering and service staff, simply everyone played their part to enhance the whole event.

TZ Portorož

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