Boutique Hotel Sunrose 7 Received Another Green Certificate

SUNROSE 7 HOTEL_entrance
SUNROSE 7 HOTEL_entrance

Sunrose 7 – A 130-year-old boutique hotel in Bohinj with Slovenia’s Green Accommodation, has been awarded the internationally recognized Travelife certificate by offering a 130-year tradition of exceptional service and luxury accommodation.

Already at the very concept of the construction and reconstruction of the boutique Sunrose Hotel 7, the best materials were selected on the principle of long-term benefits: reduced energy use, long life and durability, health and comfort. They buy, use and offer products from local producers, employ local people, work closely with the local community and take care of waste separation and recycling, and above all strive to be as energy efficient as possible.

“The hotel strives for a green present and a better future, recognizing that the sustainable path is the only right one – the long-term path forward.”

Maximum efficiency heat pumps are used to heat and cool the building. The low temperature regime through the underfloor and wall heating also ensures a uniform and pleasant feeling of warmth throughout the premises. All of their lights are based on LED technology with ultra-low power consumption and long life. The hallways lights are equipped with sensors and timers and are only used when absolutely needed. All decorative lights in the facade and beyond are limited by timers and lux machines, which work completely automatically and turn on the lights at dusk and turn off late at night. The facility employs the highest quality thin-film, environmentally friendly ECO ceramics.

Irrigation of the large garden is provided by an irrigation system that adapts to soil moisture and rainfall. They use rainwater – drip for watering, which is the most natural way to water plants and grass. An underground rainwater storage tank ensures that plants can be watered even during drier periods. Due to the use of local climate-friendly vegetation, water consumption for watering is minimal.

At the boutique hotel Sunrose 7, they strive for sustainability in many different ways and invite their guests to share their environmental responsibility. They are urged to respect the local community, so they are given a wealth of information about Bohinj and its rich history.

Employees come from Bohinj, providing an authentic experience of the place and accommodation. They also care for sustainable development through carefully selected foods and ingredients, with the greatest involvement of local providers. Local food, drinks and a personal approach are always welcomed by the guests and raise the level of the overall travel experience, which encourages them to continue sustainable practices and strive for progress on a daily basis. Sustainability is deeply rooted in corporate identity.

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