Celebrating Ljubljana’s architect Plečnik – the UNESCO’s World Heritage List and new boutique tourist experiences

Jože Plečnik, Visit Ljubljana
Jože Plečnik, Visit Ljubljana

The landmarks of Ljubljana, designed by the world-renowned architect Jože Plečnik (1972-1957), have been recently included in the UNESCO World’s heritage list. The recognition coincides with continous efforts of Ljubljana Tourism to promote Plečnik’s rich life and legacy to a wider audience.

International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) recognised seven Plečnik’s works in Ljubljana, including the Triple Bridge (Tromostovje), Congress Square (Kongresni trg), and Žale Cemetery,  as an exceptional example of urban space design reflecting architect’s deeply human vision, which transformed a former empire’s provincial town into a symbolic capital of a nation. »The architect Jože Plečnik contributed to this transformation with his personal, profoundly human vision for the city, based on an architectural dialogue with the older city while serving the needs of emerging modern 20th century society,« UNESCO commented on the occasion. 

National and University Library, photo: B. Jakše & S. Jeršič, Visit Ljubljana

The decision reaffirms Ljubljana’s continuous efforts in bringing Plečnik’s heritage closer to both Slovenians and the international public, as well as to attract potentially new leisure and business visitors with an affinity for cultural heritage and boutique experiences. In the recent years, several projects by Ljubljana Tourism have been implemented in order to promote Plečnik’s legacy and commemorate his 150th birth anniversary in 2022. The internationally awarded Moustache Tour explores the lives of three famous Slovenian artists, architect Jože Plečnik, writer Ivan Cankar and painter Rihard Jakopič, while the walking tour Plečnik at First Glance and Plečnik Cycling Route has long been within the most popular Ljubljana tours. 

Ljubljanica, photo: Matej Kastelic, Visit Ljubljana

Additionally, the newest projects are boutique tourist products focusing on fresh, innovative and often surprising ways of showcasing the trailblazing talent of architect Jože Plečnik to their target audiences. Plečnik’s visions is a free self-guided audio tour and gamified experience which – with the help of a mobile app – aims to uncover the ambitious yet unrealized Plečnik’s city projects, from the Cathedral of Freedom, the artist’s vision of the Slovenian parliament to unrealized covered Butcher’s bridge that would conclude Ljubljana’s Central market.

Butcher’s Bridge visions, photo: Umetnostnozgodovinski inštitut Franceta Steleta/ Nejc Bernik, Visit Ljubljana

Plečnik master builder is a boutique experience which allows you to discover the true spirit of architect’s genius. In a small group, participants will explore spaces and objects that were an important part of the master’s everyday life – from playful street lamps, tasting his favorite coffee, lessons in his office, to the room where he worked and slept. Guided tour with the help of special animations of the center of Ljubljana offers a complete journey in the footsteps of Plečnik’s plans and visions, both on land and on the river. It also gives a special insight into his achievements, the history of Ljubljana, and his great vision and countless interesting architectural details. 

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