Electric Car Sharing Between Slovenian Capital and the Airport


Aerodrom Ljubljana and Avantcar opened the first electric car sharing station outside the Ljubljana area today at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. The new Avant2Go service will provide users a convenient and more environmentally friendly mode of transportation between the capital and airport. Aerodrom Ljubljana supports the project with the aim of promoting sustainable forms of transportation to the airport.

Attending the opening were the Minister of Infrastructure, Dr Peter Gašperšič, the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Jankovič and the Mayor of Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Franc Čebulj. Minister Gašperšič and Mayor Janković were also among the first users, as they drove to the opening of the station in Brnik with Avant2Go vehicles.

This recent innovation is by all means of strategic importance, as the station at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, set up with the support of Aerodrom Ljubljana d.o.o., establishes an emission-free connection between the capital, the airport infrastructure and the rest of the world. Avant2Go car sharing is also now available to the employees of Aerodrom Ljubljana d.o.o. for their daily operational and logistics needs, and to other companies that operate within the airport ecosystem and wish to optimise their mobility. There are initially four connections at the station, with the possibility of expansion in accordance with needs. Another positive side of the station is the use of 100 % renewable energy sources for the charging connections, through which the combination of electric mobility and sharing is further justified.

Speaking at the opening of car sharing station, Zmago Skobir, managing director of Aerodrom Ljubljana said: “Now the Ljubljana airport is also part of the green circle of electric car sharing in Slovenia. I see the new service as an important added value for passengers, who form the basis for a more environmentally friendly way of life. It will also make a favourable impression in terms of the mobility of Aerodrom Ljubljana’s employees, as they will now be able to use the Avant2Go service on their business travels.”

Electric car sharing represents a connectivity between the Slovenian capital and Ljubljana Airport, primarily in terms of sustainable forms of transportation. In addition to the charging stations for car sharing, the airport also offers passengers and visitors another charging station for two electric vehicles. Besides personal vehicles, passengers may choose between public bus, van and taxi to access the airport. The expansion of the range of green modes of transportation will contribute to Aerodrom Ljubljana’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint, which is part of the company’s broader policy to limit the harmful effects of its activities on the environment. The airport operator reduced its CO2 emissions by 1.3 % in absolute terms in 2015 relative to the average for the period 2012–2014. Aerodrom Ljubljana’s environmental policy aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020 and defines the transition to a low carbon society as one of its strategic environmental goals.

The sharing of goods and things is becoming an increasingly popular trend in Slovenia, as well. In addition to car sharing and carpooling, Slovenes are increasingly lending used clothes and fashion accessories, and tools. We are sharing accommodation capacities and business premises, and gardening collectively. The common denominators of these activities are increased environmental responsibility, interconnectivity and savings.

Aerodrom Ljubljana