Great Feedback and Impressive Numbers of the EuroGeo 2016 Conference

This year, EuroGeo Conference decided to move the venue from Istanbul to Ljubljana, due to safety reasons.

The event, held at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre hosted an amazing 76 exhibitors who exhibited their latest innovations in Geosynthetics and 400 participants from 43 countries. Great numbers and satisfaction of all included definitely proved that Ljubljana was the right choice.

6th EuroGeo Conference, held from 25th to 28th September, 2016, presented new materials and reforms to the geosynthetics industry reflected in scientific program with speakers from all around the world at a traditional event which is connecting academicians, manufacturers, practitioners and designers in the geosynthetics field. Despite the venue change, the conference had the same technical, social and exhibition attributes as all previous Regional IGS conferences.

Again, Ljubljana, the European Green capital 2016, had a chance to prove to be an amazing host in the meeting industry with all the beauty this vibrant city has to offer and professionalism of the organizer, GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.