Ljubljana City Award 2022 goes to the GM of the BW Premier Hotel Slon

Mr Zoran Janković & Mr Gregor Jamnik, City of Ljubljana, Mr Gregor Jamnik (personal archive)
Mr Zoran Janković & Mr Gregor Jamnik, City of Ljubljana, Mr Gregor Jamnik (personal archive)

On Ljubljana’s holiday 9th of May, municipality awarded the highest decorations of the city, among the winners is the General Manager of the Best Western Premier Hotel Slon, Mr Gregor Jamnik.

For the 75th year in a row, City of Ljubljana honored outstanding individuals and groups who made a decisive contribution to the development, reputation and welfare of Ljubljana and to the city’s recognition at home and abroad.

The ceremony was held at Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana’s Mayor, Mr Zoran Janković presented the Award of the city of Ljubljana to the BW Premier Hotel Slon’s General Manager, Mr Gregor Jamnik for his special achievements in the development of urban tourism and its recovery during/after the covid pandemic.

In addition to the successful management of two of Ljubljana’s leading hotels (Best Western Premier Hotel Slon and City Hotel Ljubljana), Mr Gregor Jamnik also serves as president of the Slovenian Association of Hoteliers.

He is committed to spreading good business practices, increasing the competitiveness of hotel management, HR development and raising the reputation of the hospitality profession and sustainable development.

This is a great recognition for the long-term efforts that Mr Gregor Jamnik, a successful hotelier and market connoisseur, invests in the tourist development of Ljubljana as a boutique green capital and a congress destination at the highest level.

Ljubljana (Green Capital of Europe 2016) was declared the “European Best Destination 2022“.

Mr Gregor Jamnik (personal archive)

With his expert proposals to the government and a clear strategy, Mr Gregor Jamnik left his mark on the city of Ljubljana especially in the field of tourism recovery after the covid pandemic.

He has first-hand experience of tackling this generational challenge as he managed to keep Best Western Premier Hotel Slon open (as one of only two hotels in Ljubljana) to athletes, political and business delegations through all waves of the pandemic.

Best Western Premier Hotel Slon and City Hotel Ljubljana