Nikola Tesla – A Man of the Future

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

We use this provoking title (and picture) found on the internet to announce a great exhibition held by the CD Congress Centre Ljubljana (Cankarjev dom Ljubljana) titled Nikola Tesla – A Man of the Future.  Although the idea might be a bit unconventional, we strongly believe that meetings industry should also be different and intriguing.

CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, a member of CCA and IAPCO nearly for four decades, is the brand name for a venue in the heart of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana and PCO services under the roof of the national cultural centre – Cankarjev dom. Facing the generational change (younger every year and not so familiar with the role of CD as a congress centre) the new management has come up with the idea to connect science and culture in the form of exhibition to raise the awareness of our brand.

The idea was discussed and eagerly accepted – to widen our circle of clients, we’ll present Nikola Tesla (1856, Smiljan – 1943, New York), a scientific genius, engineer, inventor and discoverer of natural principles and laws who significantly stimulated the technological development of contemporary civilization, and, during his interesting life, spent some time in Slovenia as well.

The exhibition, marking the 160th anniversary of the inventor’s birth, presents an overview of Tesla’s life and work, highlighting his revolutionary discoveries in the domain of transmission and utilisation of alternating current, wireless communication, remote control and mechanical engineering – all inventions far ahead of their time. So far we have managed to attract the general audience as well as the corporate and scientific circles due to intensive marketing campaign focused on interesting content. But as Michael Pravica, PhD, an Associate Professor of Physics at University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a member of HiPSEC (High Pressure and Engineering Center) says: “… More than ever we live in a world dominated by science. And the more science we all know, the better – particularly as we will all need to be engaged in solving some pretty challenging problems in our near future …”

The exhibition is on display until 6 November 2016, more at