Oriflame’s leadership seminar in Terme Čatež

The theme of the Seminar organized for Leaders from six countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia in Terme Čatež, Slovenia was “We Build Our Future Together“.

As many times before, this Seminar was an opportunity for Leaders to enjoy several days of education, relaxation, new experience and fun. The seminar was held in Terme Čatež from 19. – 22. March 2015.

In Oriflame, the concept of “Togetherness, spirit and passion” represents the key values which are the founding principles of our Company. They wanted to show how significant and important the aspect of togetherness is in their work – how the exchange of ideas and experiences promotes growth and more efficient business development.

Since the Company’s main focus is the importance of skin care, they wanted to provide the Leaders with information and skills to be able to recommend and sell Ecollagen sets more successfully. They were thrilled to see that expert dermatologist Holly Grenfell was the one to share with them very useful knowledge on skin care and Ecollagen products; in order to give this collection special support, she appointed new Ecollagen ambassadors and awarded them honorary badges on the stage.

One of the most sought-after business and life coaches and motivational speakers Smiljan Mori stressed the importance of dreams and having goals in life, how we should always strive to improve and become better and how to embrace success. The Leaders were swept away by Smiljan’s incredible energy.
The announcement of the next Gold Conference in Turkey was particularly spectacular and innovative. It was done in the form of a short play involving Nikola Baroli, Managing Director Serbia, in the role of Suleiman the Magnificent, and Country Managers and an ASM representing his bickering wives who flaunted their knowledge of Oriflame products and practices in hope of becoming the one chosen as Suleiman’s company at the prestigious Gold Conference in Turkey.