Surprise destination for Norwegian IT Company

Kompas DMC
Kompas DMC

Last (E)IBTM has brought a successful incentive trip to Kompas DMC. The event agency from Norway saw a beautiful picture of Bled tagged on Instagram and has decided to look for Slovenia as the possible new destination for their client. So with a little help of social networking and destiny they met Kompas DMC at Slovenian Stand. The trip was held from 21th till 23rd August and together they have organized the best event that the Norwegian IT Company had in 13 years.

Slovenia was a new destination for the great majority of all the 330 participants that joined the incentive trip of IT Company. The program of their two nights stay was designed carefully with interesting activities and events. They could feel the capital city of Ljubljana and meet the locals when having the street dinner along Ljubljanica River. Besides the visits of our jewels, Postojna Cave and Bled, the participants could feel and taste Slovenia also trough the food walks and mini festival with local brewers. The high light was the gala dinner in industrial atmosphere of Railway Museum with opera singers and the musical collective The Stroj (the name comes from the Slovene word ‘stroj’ which means a ‘machine’).

Kompas DMC has managed to organize the event that will stay in the memories of all the participants. Some of the memories can be seen also in the below pictures.

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