Termalija Wellness Complex at Olimia Spa Revamped

Termalija FAMILY FUN & RELAX complex at Olimia spa has been revamped into architecturally fascinating structure with diverse and expressive interior.

Olimia Spa is a popular destination for health and wellness seekers. Now, the company has invested 10 million Euro into revamping the Termalija Wellness centre. The first phase, which included the complete renovation of the existing external part of Termalija swimming pools, an open-air pool area and the construction of the new complex Family Fun, is completed.

Now, the second phase of renovation is in progress. This phase includes the revamp of the RELAX Thermal Spa, which will feature an indoor and outdoor swimming pool with underwater massages, a waterfall and a slow river, a hot jacuzzi, massages, tepidarium and a Kneipp bar. The complete refurbishment will finish at the end of June.

Diverse structure and expressive interior, which are architecturally fascinating, include a magnificent water oasis, with indoor and outdoor swimming pools and an amateur theatre. The new complex will also satisfy the digital generation. They will be fascinated by the multidimensional experience in the 7D cinema, interactive games, game consoles, electronic basketball and interactive floors outside the pool.

Visitors can also enjoy the neighbouring towns of Podcetrtek and Olimje and experience this small but diverse jewel of eastern Slovenia.