The Slon Hotel in preparation for exterior renovation

Energy-efficient renewal of the building – New windows, façade and glazing of the arcade corridor will provide a distinguished look and great savings.

The Slon hotel on Slovenska Street is looking forward to having quite a different external appearance in the next few months. Right after the completion of renovation works on Slovenska Street, i.e. by the end of May, the Slon hotel shareholding company will start to install its construction platforms to launch the first phase of renovation, which will principally include the refurbishment of the façade and closing the arcade corridor on the ground floor.

Director, Gregor Jamnik, revealed that this shareholding company (a four star hotel with 170 rooms has been a long-term member of the Best Western hotel chain) has for years been preparing for an extensive but gradual renovation of the entire hotel which was needed, he says, since the last renovation of the interior took place in 1998.

Since the hotel’s exterior currently stands out because of its poor condition, it was decided to renovate the southern part of the façade along Čopova Street, and westwards along Slovenska Street, by the end of July, as well as the old part to the north, along Nazorjeva Street. The 1960s extension is the subject of a second phase of renovation. According to the Director, the first phase has actually already started. The hotel management is counting on assistance from the Eco Fund in this undertaking as both the windows and the façade will be restored in an energy-efficient way.

Slon will also gain a side entrance to the hotel, placed at the crossroads of Slovenska and Čopova Streets. The main entrance on Slovenska Street will be renovated, the atrium along the entire western façade will be glazed with large panoramic glass, while the hotel will acquire approximately 200 square meters of new surfaces, which will allow the cafeteria and reception to be extended.

In the summer, the avenues on both sides of the main entrance will be used as the outdoor garden, in the new street lights that illuminate Slovenska Street and the hotel.

All the work mentioned will be sympathetic to the initial architecture (the building was built in 1937 based on the design of the architect Stanislav Rohrman, who was the first president of the Association of Architects in Slovenia after liberation in the 1950s.) That means that the initial arcade design will be restored by glazing what is now a public corridor to become part of the hotel, and no longer part of a covered pavement.

Alexander, 46, said the works would not keep him from booking this hotel:˝I’ve stayed at this hotel many times, and I’ve always enjoyed the accommodations and service. We had a nice stay despite the ongoing renovation. The staff were very friendly and helpful the entire time. Informed us ahead to alert us of the renovation activity which was helpful. So we knew what to expect. Good breakfast. Easy access to the old town and main city attractions.˝

Visualization of the Slon Hotel after the completed exterior renovation. Photo: Achieve of the Genius Loci Institute.