The unveiling of a plaque commemorating Admiral Lord Nelson’s visit to Hotel Slon in 1800 and the opening of a memorial exhibition

At the invitation of the British Ambassador HE Tiffany Sadler, Hotel Slon and the Nelson Society, an intimate ceremony and reception took place on Sept 7th 2023, to commemorate Admiral Lord Nelson’s visit to Slovenia and his stay in Ljubljana’s only hotel at the time (Hotel Slon).

This included unveiling a new prominent plaque in the lobby of Hotel Slon, commemorating the visit of one of the greatest naval commanders in history.

Over two hundred and twenty-two years ago, in August 1800, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson traveled through Slovenia, accompanied by his great love Lady Hamilton, and a wider delegation. During their travels, they visited Ljubljana – and stayed at the foremost hostelry in town, known today as the Hotel Slon.

In a solemn moment of unity, the plaque was unveiled by Brigadier General Milan Žurman and British Ambassador to Slovenia HE Tiffany Sadler, marking a poignant and harmonious milestone.

On this occasion, Ambassador Tiffany Sadler stated:

“I am delighted that today, together with representatives of the Slovenian Armed Forces and other partners, we are commemorating the formal ties that bind our two countries in all areas, particularly in security and defense. However, the human connections between the British and Slovenians have endured for over 200 years. When the famous commander and admiral Lord Nelson traveled through Slovenia in 1800, he visited, among other places, Postojna Cave, stayed in Ljubljana, and crossed the Ljubelj Pass, where he became acquainted with Slovenia’s beautiful mountains. Because of this, even today, more than 150,000 British tourists who visit Slovenia each year somehow follow in Lord Nelson’s footsteps and discover its beauty.”

What this occasion represents for Hotel Slon could be captivated in the words of our General Manager Mr. Gregor Jamnik:

“The commemoration of Admiral Lord Nelson’s esteemed visit to Hotel Slon fills me with pride and joy. The plaque honouring this extraordinary event for our property as well as for Ljubljana, the then capital of Carniola, represents a turning point in the centuries-old history of Hotel Slon and symbolizes the harmonious bond between Slovenia and the United Kingdom.”

You can read more about the event on the website, where you can also find additional information about the exhibition.

Photo credit: Peter Irman