Wine Tasting, Anyone?

The winery Joannes Protner House in Maribor’s vicinity is the answer. 

For all wine lovers Maribor is the place to be where wine tradition can be felt throughout the city. Maribor’s wine-growing hills stretch around the Styrian capital all the way to the Austrian border and beyond. Many brilliant wine makers offer to business guests an exclusive experience of wine-tasting in their cellars where they produce their golden and ruby liquids.

Only 5 km from the Maribor’s city centre, Joannes Protner House runs a tourist farm and a winery that makes some of the best Slovenian wines awarded also at international wine competitions like Decanter, Chardonnay du Monde, AWC Vienna, etc. The cellar, where visitors can enjoy delicious food and top-notch wine, is open all-year-round and it can accommodate up to 60 people.

Protner’s cellar starts with a room full of large oval oak barrels where wines mature for at least six months. The next room has stainless steel tanks where a quality wine is stored before offered going on the market. In the Bottle Cellar, the cellar’s integral part, bottled wine is stored at a constant temperature to mature. The cellar has also a more than 200 years old part where Joannes Protner house keeps the best wine from its vineyards.

In the vineyards, between two and fourty years old, Joannes Protner winery produces Zeleni Silvanec – Silvaner, Renski Riesling, aromatic Yellow Muscat, full bodied Chardonnay, grass-like aromatic Sauvignon, Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Šipon – Furmint and Pinot blanc.

The selected varities of dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and sparkling wines can be tasted in the cellar alongside homemade specialties like freshly baked bread, homemade meat with lard, homemade pate, cottage cheese with pumpkin seed oil and much more. For the business gift, the Joannes Protner’s winery provides a wine shop, located in the last part of the cellar.

Kongres Magazine, photo: Johannes Protner