Slovenia Among the Top 10 Safest Countries


The Institute for Economics and Peace published a new list of world’s safest and also most dangerous countries. The Global Peace Index 2016. Slovenia ranks high, at the tenth place. It ranks above Belgium, which, just last year, was still ahead of Slovenia, but is now at the 28th place.

The tenth edition of the Global Peace Index ranked 163 countries according to the level of safety. Based on an analysis including 23 factors, each country was given a score from 1 to 5 points. The lower the score, the higher the level of safety. Three categories were taken into consideration: the level of safety, safety in the society, domestic and international conflicts, and the degree of militarisation.

The score of 1.408 placed Slovenia at the admirable tenth position as the country has now advanced by five places compared to results from the last year.

Among Slovenia’s neighbours, only Austria ranked higher, with a score of 1.278. Remaining at the third place, it is preceded by Iceland (1.192) and Denmark (1.246), who defended their respective positions from the previous year. Hungary was ranked 19th, Croatia 26th, and Italy 39th.

The ten safest countries in the world also include New Zealand, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan.