Slovenia at a Glance

Slovenia, the fourth smallest member of the European Union, surprises everyone with its incredible natural and cultural diversity. Slovenia is the only country with LOVE in its name which connects diversities.

Slovenia’s natural beauty is astonishing, and it would be more accurate to speak of the country’s beauties. A Slovenian legend has it that when God was allotting nature’s bounty, he initially forgot this country. His last-minute solution was to take bits of the best from other places: gorgeous Alpine ranges, the less craggy Pohorje Mountains, the Pannonian Plain stretching toward Hungary, hill after hill rolling southward into the horizon, the unique karst landscape, rivers aplenty, and a few miles of Adriatic coastline. There’s even a disappearing body of water here – for much of the year Lake Cerknica is dry but, come the spring rains, the basin fills to become a massive, shallow lake. Slovenia is half the size of Switzerland and almost exactly the size of Wales or Massachusetts.

Throughout our history Slovenia has always been at the crossroads of Meditteranean, Germanic and Slavic cultures and this has left its mark on our country today. We might be one of Europe’s smallest countries but we’ve got great traditions in food and wine, richly diverse regions and, as people, we’re hard working, progressive, naturally friendly and welcoming.

As a MICE destination Slovenia has it all, from modern conference venues, culinary hot spots, medieval ruined monasteries to whitewater rafting. Slovenia is a young country, and new to MICE, so most attendees haven’t been here before. This makes the destination appealing for today’s delegates who crave something new, different, off-the-beaten track.

“The first has to be the people obviously, fantastic, down to earth, friendly people. Second is the landscape as you fly into Ljubljana Airport you see the forests and the mountains all around you, you can’t beat it and the third is probably the little town of Bled, which if you haven’t been you should go to, it’s absolutely stunning.” Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group; on three things about Slovenia.

The destination is a great opportunity for the meetings industry and is distinguished by its closeness to the major European hubs. The compact and handy sized Slovenia allows you to create well-diversified program while staying in one destination.

Check out a distinctive advantage of elegantly designed venues for a range of functions to suit every budget, size, sector and style. Find out about four faces of Slovenia – you can host your next meeting with us in a city, in the Alps, along the coast and Karst or in a thermal SPA region.

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[vc_toggle title=”Interesting Fact” el_id=”1461917956000-1b50d01e-4a34″]VISIT GOLDHORN.

The treasures of the Alps and Triglav National Park are guarded by fairy-tale characters.

Among chamois, which keep company to the alpinists on the trails around the Julian Alps, there might be also the chamois with the golden horns – Zlatorog (The Goldenhorn) which protects the secrets of nature. From the early mornings to the late evenings, it observes Slovenia from the mount Triglav, the highest mountain top of the country and the symbol of Slovenia.[/vc_toggle]