Slovenia – Bloggers’ Latest It Destination


Sometimes, a personal point of view on certain destination has more impact than an exclusive PR article in a sophisticated travel magazine. In a competitive destination marketing global arena, one tactic has bubbled up and stayed at the top as a vital part of a successful content marketing strategy – MICE travel blogging.

Bloggers are travel voices who are creating useful, interesting, and engaging information about selected MICE destination. Blogs help you indulge your love of meetings industry, whether you’re on the road for a business trip or choosing your next business event destination, with the same mission –  to reveal the best travel stories.

Slovenia is increasingly popular on bloggers’ travel radar. Get inspired and discover Slovenia through the eyes of international bloggers, living in Slovenia or check out blog article with catchy headline The Sunny Side of the Alps and 10 Things to Love About Slovenia, and other blogs presenting wonderful MICE opportunities of  the country. In Summer 2016, the Slovenian Convention Bureau gave control of its social media channels to a millennial meeting planner during the annual familiarization trip to demonstrate a millennial viewpoint of our petite, charming and diverse destination.

“If you were to scrunch up the world and squeeze all the goodness into one place… that’s Slovenia. Mountains, seaside, rivers, lakes, forests, meadows, human-sized cities, karst and plains to look at and play in. Fine dining, rustic cuisine, wines, beers, schnapps and the clearest water to devour and quaff.” As stated on Slovene Dream website. A big round of applause to all who consistently knock it out of the park.

What do you think, can Slovenia be the the next big thing on the global MICE map?

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[Partial source:,, photo:, Julia Wesely]