Slovenia is the Centre of the Sustainable Tourism

During the European Sustainable Development week and preparations for the World Sustainable Development Day, which will be celebrated in Slovenia this September, the Slovenian Tourist Board points to the importance of natural treasures of our state and their sustainable management.

The European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) will take place this week until 5th June, when we mark the World Environment Day. This year’s World Environment Day mostly addresses the individual by raising their awareness and encouraging them to take care for our planet. Tourism plays an important role in this process since, in Slovenia, it is based on the principles of sustainable development and considers the equal treatment of economic, social and environmental components. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), which puts sustainability at the core of development and promotional activities and aims at a more responsible behaviour towards the environment and the positioning of green Slovenia in the world, has developed the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism and cooperated actively in various projects for the promotion of sustainable development. Upon the World Tourism Day on 27th September, Ljubljana, which is the Green Capital of Europe 2016, and Slovenia as one of the five greenest states on the planet, will host the prestigious Global Green Destinations Day.

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