Slovenia, Gastronomic Miniature of Europe

Trnič - the cheese of love from Velika Planina Photo:, J. Lotrič
Trnič - the cheese of love from Velika Planina Photo:, J. Lotrič

Tasting is one of the most exciting ways of getting to know any country, perhaps since the flavours of the local produce, dishes and drinks contain the very essence of the land. Slovenia offers a colourful gastronomy mosaic of diversity. The culinary landscape of Slovenia reflects the influences of the cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean, Alpine and Pannonian regions. Slovenia has as many as 24 gastronomic and 14 wine-growing regions, making it gastronomic miniature of Europe.

Traditional Slovenian cuisine is mainly based on grains, vegetables, fresh dairy products, meat and fish, combining the influences of the countryside population, medieval lords, the bourgeoisie and various monastic orders. In addition to the culinary delights on offer, the exceptional diversity of superb Slovenian wines provides world-class gourmet delights. Local mineral waters and natural fruit juices have also always been served on Slovenian tables, and recently crafted beers from local Slovenian microbreweries have also attracted interest.

The regions of the country are represented by The Tastes of Slovenia characteristic dishes. A rich and colourful selection of local culinary manifestations, which were further classified into 24 different gastronomic regions and 200 professionally selected representative dishes.

“Slovenian cuisine is a meeting place of historical developments, intercultural influence, local features, and the long-lasting attachment of Slovenians to their healthy natural environment and the fruits that it yields. All these factors contribute greatly to the continuation of this rich cultural heritage as well as to the continuous search for new solutions based on firm foundations.” stated Prof. dr. Janez Bogataj for In Your Pocket (Ask a … Professor On All Things Slovene).

For a number of years, we have been promoting Slovenia as a green, active, healthy country. And in the context of tourism, we are sure to emphasise our relationship with sustainable development – precisely in the culinary arts and gastronomy, as well as in their cultural heritage. Similarly, it is in the field of modern culinary creativity that links or, more accurately, alliances with sustainable development are most tangible. Through the riches provided by a healthy natural environment and the superlative skills of chefs, we are coming to know the residents of towns and markets, of villages and remote farms high in the mountains, and the forms taken by their efforts to make a living, their social relationships and their spiritual creativity.

It is quite challenging to choose the most delicious culinary experience in Slovenia. The Slovenian table is not uniform and would be difficult to describe in just one sentence or just a handful of dishes. Wherever you stop, there’s something different, something diverse.

Taste dishes in various parts of Slovenia, prepared in a distinctively local manner and with love. As Slovenians put it: “Ljubezen gre skozi želodec” or Love runs through the stomach”.

Dober tek & na zdravje!

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