Slovenia Travel Guide Books


Slovenia Travel Guide Books are featuring amazing photos and are a great help to discover the best places to see and explore. Guide books are available in 13 languages all together. Even though we’ve entered the era of digital travel information, much of it free and with the added attraction of reviews and advice from like-minded travellers, professionally written travel guides are still a frequent choice. Travel guide books carry with them a more human touch, just like the meetings in our industry – the natural charm of simple, face-to-face meetings; i.e. flipping through paper pages that are nice to the sight and touch.

We’ve asked a few questions about professional written guides, Ms Morana Polovič, Travel Guides Writer and CEO of the Slovenia Travel Guide Books.


Why did you decide to create a content for the Slovenia Travel Guide Books?

I had received a call from my friend (and ex work colleague) if I’m interested to write a book of Slovenia for one Croatian publisher. At first, I was surprised and thought, I have never wrote a book before, how I will do that?

Then I thought, I work in tourism since I was ten years old, so I have experiences and knowledge to do it. That’s how I started to write.

Where exactly do you see opportunities for the distribution of your travel guide books in meetings industry?

If you have business partners from abroad or you are organizing a conference and want to give your guest something special, Slovenia tourist monograph is a perfect gift/souvenir for them.

At the same time, you will promote our amazing country and present them memory of Slovenia and yourself! Slovenia Tourism monograph featuring almost 300 amazing photos help your partners discover the best places to see and explore and convince them to visit you and your beautiful country again with their family.

How do your travel guide books differ from other similar publications, what is the pièce de résistance of these monographs?

This tourist monograph gives to the reader a perfect choice of what to see and what to visit in Slovenia. No other Slovenia Travel Guide book or tourism monograph is available in 13 languages. It also has a map of Slovenia inside.

In your opinion, which tourist attraction in Slovenia should every business guest experience?

Every business guest should visit Ljubljana, the capital, which offers great conference facilities and should be part of themed incentive program to get to know it better. I recommend visiting Ljubljana Castle, where one can relax, taste delicious Slovenian food and enjoy the view of Ljubljana.