Slovenian Convention Bureau attended Strategic Alliance events in Luxembourg and Copenhagen

The Slovenian Convention Bureau has been an active member of international professional associations for years, underscoring its dedication to the global events industry. In September 2023, the team attended two significant gatherings that hold immense importance for the future of business events and sustainability.

Luxembourg Meeting Highlights

One of these pivotal events was the Strategic Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux of Europe (SANCBE) meeting held in Luxembourg. During this meeting, the members of the alliance unanimously agreed to a proposed new version of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement solidifies their commitment to collaboration and continued cooperation among European Convention Bureaux.

Another noteworthy development from the Luxembourg meeting was the approval of the budget for the year 2024. A significant amendment to the budget allocation was made: instead of supporting two projects, each with a budget of 15,000 EUR, it was decided to allocate a budget of 25,000 EUR to a single project. This project, titled “Sustainability Day,” will be held in conjunction with the PCMA Convening EMEA in 2024. The decision to pool resources for a larger, sustainability-focused initiative underscores the commitment of SANCBE to address pressing global challenges.

Furthermore, spokespersons from the alliance were tasked with negotiating a collaboration with the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) to establish a one-day sustainability event in conjunction with the PCMA Convening EMEA.

PCMA Convening EMEA Conference Insights

The PCMA Convening EMEA conference held in Copenhagen this year marked a significant milestone in the realm of business events. Under the working title “ClimateTech+ 2024 – Sustainable Strategies & Technological Transformations for Business Events,” this conference addressed the crucial role of business events in addressing pressing global challenges, with a primary focus on climate change.

Business events have emerged as essential tools for knowledge transfer, networking, and finding solutions to complex global issues. Climate change has become one of the most urgent challenges of our time, and the business events industry has a unique opportunity and responsibility to contribute to global efforts to combat it.

Moreover, the integration of new technologies into the business events sector is playing a pivotal role in sustainable meetings and event planning. The convergence of sustainability and digitalization is seen as a twin transformation that can revolutionize future meetings.

During the PCMA Convening EMEA conference, it was announced that the Strategic Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux of Europe (SANCBE) and PCMA would collaborate to host a new conference premiering in 2024. This groundbreaking conference will focus on exploring innovative, climate-friendly technologies and reimagining business events to create new, sustainable business models. The conference will also be closely linked to future editions of PCMA Convening EMEA.

Sherrif Karamat, President and CEO of PCMA and CEMA, emphasized the importance of technological solutions in sustainable event organization and expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, while Matthias Schultze and Eric Bakermans, Co-Chairs of SANCBE, highlighted the global nature of sustainability challenges and the need for international cooperation.

While specific details regarding the title, date, and location of the 2024 conference are yet to be confirmed, it is evident that the Slovenian Convention Bureau’s participation in these meetings is contributing to the advancement of sustainable and innovative practices in the global events industry. These collaborative efforts aim to pave the way for a more sustainable and interconnected future for business events worldwide.