Slovenian Energy


Slovenia is petite, a safe, stress-free haven with immense outdoor appeal, a green destination par excellence. We know the importance and value of partnership because business events are only truly successful when the entire destination community all works together in support of the clients’ objectives. Slovenia delivers that through the PEOPLE who are endowed with natural charm and a 24h smile and whose work is marked by a personal touch and team flexibility.

Diligence and hard work are central to Slovenia’s national brand I FEEL SLOVENIA and together make up what we call Slovenian Energy, the foundation of our offering to the meetings and events market.

Slovenian Energy is different.

It’s naturally laid back. Relaxed. Calm.

Not all sparkly on the outside but then running quickly out of fizz.

It’s slow release, enduring, in it for the long haul.

Slovenian energy is there when you need creative input in planning your event. And it’s there throughout the event journey, right until the end when your attendees give you a standing ovation for a job well done. With you all the way.

In a quiet and modest way, representatives of the Slovenia Meetings are extraordinary, bringing real and tangible benefits to all meetings and events held in Slovenia. You’ll find that team flexibility, 24h smile, personal touch and natural charm are recurring themes in our meetings and events story.

“The first has to be the people obviously, fantastic, down to earth, friendly people.” Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group; on one of the three things about Slovenia.

The big advantage of being small is that you can focus on the little things. The details. The personal touches that make your meeting really matter. That make it real. Authentic. Our cities are small but pack a big punch with heritage and a human dimension that connects to the pulse of the people. To the personal touch.

Sometimes we need to escape. Go back to first principles. To nature. To cities and towns with a human dimension. The natural charm of simple, face-to-face meetings.

But that’s not all: Slovenia is one of Europe’s most prosperous nations, helped along by the best natural environment of any nation on earth, according to the Legatum Institute’s Global Prosperity Index. Incredibly diverse, safe and green Slovenia hides auntapped potential at its heart. Would you like to warm it up?

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