Slovenian Natural Spas with Great Summer Prospects

Last year was a record year for Slovenian Natural Spas with 700.000 visitors and 2017 is hoping to bring even better results.

Slovenia boasts with 15 state verified natural spas and 87 natural thermal springs. Capacities seem to be at their full speed during the main tourist season and many spas capacities seem even fuller than a year before.

Several months of promotion, intensive sales activities and various animation programs contribute to high interest and expected great summer results. 2016 was a record year for Slovenian Natural Spas with 700.000 visitors, 2.7 million overnight stays and overall 2,5 % growth. The majority of foreign guests come from Austria and Italy and the results often heavily rely on weather conditions, especially during the weekends.

About Slovenian Natural Spas

As a pocket country, Slovenia is brimming with natural wealth, from healing effects of the thermal waters to the agreeable climate and untouched natural environment. Most of Slovenian natural spas are located in the Štajerska region (Lower Styria). The exceptionally pleasant climate of the green Pohorje Hills has seven thermal spas and spas that await you between the wine-bearing hills, lakes and fields. Slovenian Spas Association recently became ESPA member.