Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2015

Winter morning_Bled
Winter morning_Bled

Preliminary figures had indicated 2015 would be a record year for Slovenian tourism and whole-year figures released by the Statistics Office on 29 January, 2016 confirmed that.

Slovenia recorded an 10.8% increase in tourism arrivals last year, with overnight stays rising by 7.2 %.

The number of domestic guests rose by almost a tenth, with foreign arrivals surging by 11.5 %.

The figures on overnight stays show a similar picture. Domestic overnights rose by 6.3 % and foreign stays by 7.7 %.

In December overall arrivals rose 11.4 %, the sixth month of 2015 that arrivals grew at double-digit rates. Overnights increased by 8.6 %.

A detailed breakdown of foreign arrivals shows the figures rose for almost all source countries. Among the major source markets, only Russia, Japan and Bosnia-Herzegovina stand out with sharp declines.