Slovenian Won 3rd place in the World Cocktail Championship 2016

Lolita_Kaval Group, Photo: Isa
Lolita_Kaval Group, Photo: Isa

Manager and barman Draga Kepeš from the well known patisserie and coffee shop Lolita in Ljubljana, Slovenia won 3rd place in the worlds best bartenders in category of »after dinner competition 2016« with the cocktail »Lolita.« In 2015, Lolita was ranked no. 1 on the SoolNua World ICE-CREAM Index.

Draga Kepeš won 3rd place at the 42nd World Cocktail Championship 2016 in the category »After Dinner Competition« with her original »Lolita« cocktail, which took place in Tokyo in October, 2016. After receiving the title of Slovenian champion in preparation of sweet cocktails, she swept with the competition of 500 other bartenders from 63 countries of the International Bartenders Associaton away with »Lolita« cocktail.

The same as the pastry shop Lolita in the old town district of Ljubljana offers creamy chocolate flavors that represent a young girl Lolita which charms and seduces an older gentleman from the famous novel written by Mr. Nabukov, the cocktail Lolita also offers the same heavenly chocolate deligths. The winning cocktail »Lolita« is prepared by shaking, not stirring, and consists of the aromatic Bacardi Gold rum, Mozart Chocolate liqueur, vanilla liqueur, ligueur of Finest Call Pinna Colada, caramel syrup topped of with halfwhiped cream by Draga Kepeš. The pleasantly strong and unforgettable taste has convinced the judges and world audience.

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