Slovenia’s Hiša Franko Among World’s 50 Best Restaurants


Photo: T. Jeseničnik, STB

Slovenian restaurant Hiša Franko from Kobarid (NW) has made it among the World’s Top 50 restaurants on a list compiled by British trade magazine Restaurant, taking the 48th place.

Ana Roš proved yet once again that she is the queen of Slovenian culinary scene. Her restaurant Hiša Franko  made it to the list of the World’s Top 50 Restaurants, taking the 48th place. Osteria Francescana in Italy’s Modena was crowned the world’s best restaurant for the second time, beating out top eateries in Spain and France.

Back in 2017, the Restaurant magazine declared Ana Roš the best female chef in the world. This year, her restaurant Hiša Franko made it to top 50 world’s best restaurants. One thing is sure: Ana Roš rocks! But as she likes to point out: it is not only about her being there. It is about an amazing team of more than 40 people that help her create this amazing story.

Throughout the past century Hiša Franko has changed many roles. Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway, having been wounded on the Isonzo Front, recovered in this very house. In a room overlooking the courtyard he is said to have written passages of his famous A Farewell to Arms. Be as it may, Hiša Franko was a roadside inn, a village mill, a countryside mansion, a hospital during the First World War, a huge agricultural estate, and now finally the Hiša Franko of today, which refuses to be a classical hotel or a fine dining restaurant. It is simply – Hiša Franko. “Our home, your home.” as they say. An enchanting countryside house & estate where three generations of the family live each on their own floor. Behind the house lies a sprawling herb, flower and vegetable garden, and beside it a lively murmuring creek, home to our small pod of trout.

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