Slovenia’s New Treetop Walk is THE Place to Experience

The Pohorje Treetop Walk, photo by UKOM
The Pohorje Treetop Walk, photo by UKOM

This autumn, Slovenia opened its first treetop walk in Northeastern part of the country, in the heart of the Pohorje Hills with beneficial Alpine climate and green forests.

Rogla, a renowned Slovenian winter tourism centre, is now offering a new experience, a panoramic treetop trail. Guests will be able to walk along the elevated pathway among the treetops and get to know Pohorje from a different perspective!

The total length of the The Pohorje Treetop Walk is about 1,000 m, of which the path is about 560 m long. The nature experience facility starts at ground level on top of the mountain Rogla. After about 2/3 of the way, the path culminates in an approximately 37 m high viewing tower. The entire treetop walk including the viewing tower is wheelchair and pram-friendly and offers a 360-degree view over the mountain peaks and valleys of the Pohorje Mountains.

The Pohorje Treetop Walk is an outstanding continuation of the development of experiential products and services that have been introduced at Rogla and Terme Zreče. From the opening day onward, several adrenaline and educational stops will await the visitors along the walk. New contents will be added every year, starting with a nearly 40-metreslide opening in Spring 2020. Adrenaline enthusiasts will thus be able to slide from the top of the tower down to the walk. Treetop walk is a perfect experience also for incentive corporate groups.

Be inspired by the green scenery of Mother Nature and visit THE place to experience!