Spice Up Your Event with a Pinch of the Mediterranean

Monfort, Matic Kremzar, Jezersek gostinstvo
Monfort, Matic Kremzar, Jezersek gostinstvo

“O sole miooo…” echoes along the little alleys of Piran … Here they are! Sun, sea, fragrant aromas, pleasant melodies, the summer. Mediterranean Slovenia offers a sensual journey into the past, when life ran a slower, more genuine course. In these parts the atmosphere is carefree no matter the season, but in the summer the pleasant ease becomes especially apparent. Feel the scent, passion and warmth of the Mediterranean – #myway.

A shapeshifting pearl of architecture, distinctive and unique

Portorož and Piran are certainly among the most prominent MICE destinations in Slovenia. The ions abundant in the fresh seaside air here energize the mind, and so it’s no wonder successful international congresses and meetings continue to find their place in the invigorating ambience of the Slovenian coast.

In the “Port of Roses” you’ll find a curious salt warehouse with a history reaching back to the times of Napoleon. Its long wooden beam construction makes it quite a unique structure. During the rule of the Venetian Republic, fifteen such warehouses were maintained across the region to store salt from the nearby salt pans. The Monfort stored salt all the way up until 2011. The building, 156 m x 19 m in dimension, is today refurbished into 4 units, so-called campatas. Two of these form an exhibition space which, next to the permanent collections of the Maritime Museum, features various modern art exhibitions. The remaining two are empty, intended for the organization of large events and celebrations. The spaces are 470 m2and 485 m2in size respectively, totalling nearly a thousand square meters of surface accommodating up to 1,200 guests. Monfort thus offers a diverse range of setups – from minimalist chambers to a futuristic open arrangement. It’s a venue whose intrinsic originality inspires organizers to think creatively and delight clients with custom concepts.

The Monfort hosts several high-profile regional events, such as the Festival of Slovenian Film, the Slovenian Incoming Workshop – SIW, the Golden Drum advertising festival and others. Guests are thrilled by the old architectural masterpiece, whose universality and location right by the sea have enabled the Monfort to develop into one of the most in-demand special event venues in the Adriatic. Today, this is a place of gala dinners, concerts, congresses, weddings, festivals and other events in quite a remarkable spirit.

Easy access to marine adventures

Portorož belongs among the most important regional centres of the meetings industry, while being handily accessible by land, sea or air. Smaller aircraft can fly there by way of the Portorož Airport situated just 7 km from this fashionable little city. The Slovenian coast is also reached via several other nearby airports, like the one in Trieste some 80 km away, the 190 km removed Venice Airport, or Slovenia’s central airport in Ljubljana, 150 kilometres away.

Piran Salt Pans

On the Slovenian coast, you can also stage an unforgettable event in the heart of the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, by the salt flats and old saltmakers’ houses pleasantly contrasted by the modern ambience of the Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida. The Piran Salt Pans are the single remaining salt pan in this part of Adriatic to still honour the traditional manual production method. A magical setting for special events, just perfect for a themed gala dinner.

Have you heard about a fish called Fonda? Piran presents the world’s first named farmed fish – the Piran Sea Bass of the Fonda Fish Farm. In the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park you can visit their Fish Garden and listen firsthand to the interesting tales of the sea, woven by the passionate aquacultural team of Irena Fonda.

Another of the region’s star locations is the Tartini Theatre, the Piran Municipality’s essential cultural setting and a standalone venue for group socializing and business meetings of all kinds. Piran, once perhaps a favourite vacationing spot of the ancient Venetians, just might be the place of your next successful business deal.

Izolana – stories whispered by the sea

A quick trip to the nearby Izola with its House of the Sea, an open-door museum that brings visitors closer to the local fishing tradition and the Adriatic lifestyle. Izola is a petite coastal town boasting a large marina and Venetian architecture, webbed with picturesque little alleys, adorable shops and home taverns filled with seafood delicacies. Leisurely company by a genuine fish banquet and a glass of fine wine is here a must. In Mediterranean style, how else!

Lisjak’s Vintage Gourmet Tour

A bit higher, in the Istrian hinterlands, you’ll find the renowned Lisjak Oil Mill, winner of many awards and proud holder of the Slovenia Unique Experiences seal. The Lisjak family offers quite an extraordinary gourmet experience, taking you on an old-timer car ride into the world of olive growing. For decades they’ve tended to the indigenous olive varieties thriving on a popular lookout point of the Slovenian coast and countryside. A nostalgic ride in an old-timer across the sensual Istrian landscape, a personal note, crisp seaside air, a visit to the mill amid olive tree gardens, premium oil and home delicacies are the pebbles making up the fascinating mosaic of the Lisjak Vintage Gourmet Tour. An authentic adventure that takes you back to the spirit of the 80s, unveiling the flavour of the times. To the hidden nooks of Slovenian Istria, in the company of vintage melodies. Authentic, genuine, original!

Fun Fact

Did you know that Slovenian Istria produces some of the finest extra-virgin olive oil on the planet, used by star chefs all over the world?

Surrender to the scent of the sea and the easy-going Mediterranean character – an atmosphere that warms the heart.

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