Successfully Completed: 2nd Education Workshop – ‘FUTURE Talks & Lab’

On Tuesday, September 5, 2023, the second edition in the series of free events titled ‘FUTURE Talks & Lab’ took place at the InterContinental Hotel Ljubljana, organized for our members with the support of the Slovenian Tourist Board. Ivo J. Franschitz from the company ENITED Business Events GmbH hosted and moderated the event.

The education aimed to explore the potential of becoming a leading destination, while providing participants with an excellent opportunity for networking and connecting with other stakeholders in the Slovenian meetings industry.

The interactive workshop was designed to actively engage participants, stimulate new ideas, and encourage thinking outside the box. Through creative challenges and discussions, participants explored the trends, needs, and challenges faced by destinations aiming to become leading destinations.

Through collaboration, they identified key barriers and weaknesses while also pinpointing strengths and opportunities. Together, they formulated innovative ideas on how to enhance the competitiveness of the Slovenian meetings industry in the global market.

The education took place in a relaxed atmosphere and provided an excellent opportunity for networking, idea exchange, and building strong connections among participants.

The team at the Slovenian Convention Bureau extends their gratitude to all the participants of the education. We would like to inform all those interested, that the final edition of the FUTURE Talks & Lab series will be organized in early December. More details will follow soon.