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Slovenia is a petite, peaceful and relaxed nook of the planet with an extraordinary potential for outdoor experiences – a green destination par excellence! Here, we value the importance of solid partnership, believing that business events and expert conventions are best executed when they involve the destination’s community into a genuine relationship with the clients & attendees. The answer lies in the people, one of Slovenia’s key competitive advantages. Agreeableness, a round-the-clock smile, a personal approach and team flexibility, these are the natural components of Slovenian energy, traits that make Slovenia Meetings stand out. Portorož and Piran, two marvelous seaside locations, round out our picturesque destination mosaic with their typical Mediterranean flair and fascinating history.

Besides the organization of congresses and other expert conventions, the Slovene coast and the Kras accommodate a lively selection of outdoor incentive experiences. Spirits will be lifted by a short regatta on the azure Adriatic Sea and curiosity sparked by kayaking across the Piran Bay, home of the European seabass in the Fonda Fish Farm. Of course, you can always opt for relaxation in one of the local oases of wellbeing. And how about exploring mysterious Karstic caves and famous disappearing lakes? Imagine hunting for truffles in the Slovene Istria in the morning, riding an old-timer across the Kras landscape in the afternoon, arriving at an elegant castle in the evening to enjoy a gala dinner prepared just for you by the world’s top female chef. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

Diligence and enthusiasm are essential elements of the national brand I FEEL SLOVENIA, part of what we like to call Slovenian energy, the heart of Slovenia Meetings and our country’s congress and tourism sectors.

Slovenian energy is different.

It’s naturally laid back. Relaxed. Calm.

Not all sparkly on the outside then quickly running out of fizz.

It’s slow release, enduring, in it for the long haul.

Slovenian energy is there for you when you need creative input. It’ll be there throughout the event journey, right until the end when your attendees give you a standing ovation for a job well done. With you all the way!

The endearing people of Slovenia’s littoral region, or primorci as we like to call them, are characteristically warm, pleasant, hospitable and welcoming folks, true ambassadors of Slovenian energy.


Salt flats. A seaside view. Mysterious Kras. Peaceful winegrowing hills and peace of mind.

Knowledge exchange, education, networking and incentives are essential drivers behind business & expert conventions. The Slovenian Convention Bureau thus in May conducted an education-motivation conference for the domestic expert public on the subject of key guidelines for the successful positioning of Slovenia’s Littoral-Kras region as an attractive destination for business meetings.

The informative part of the conference ran under the guidance of Mr. Gorazd Čad, noted regional congress and tourism marketing authority, who presented the latest industry trends in the content and digital marketing spheres, on the case example of the Littoral and Kras regions of Slovenia. The second part was shaped as a creative incentive experience, involving the conference participants in fun tasks under the tutelage of Mr. Matjaž Jug from an agency specializing in teambuilding programs.

After the experts shed their light on the importance of content and creative copy in the digital world, participants engaged in brainstorming based on the innovative “Event Canvas” method, designing creative Mediterranean incentive experiences in video form.

Each piece of Slovenia has its own magic, and this is especially true of the verdant Kras, a veritable microcosm of our country. The Kras lies nestled between the Brkini Hills, the Bay of Trieste, the Vipava Valley and the Slovene Istria. It is home to outstanding Teran wine, dry-cured prosciutto and the strong Burja wind. Of course, the Kras’s own people and land are a unique lot, proud to guide you around their many enchanting caves and typical Karstic phenomena. A gem of the land is also the Slovene Istria, filled with natural beauty and cultural heritage. Be it its 800-year-old tradition of salt pans, the slender alleys of coastline towns or the broad seaside avenues, all are filled with calm and wonder. Truly, the Mediterranean and the Kras provide a treasure trove of natural and cultural landmarks to enjoy. As our famous poet Oton Župančič once put it: “My soul is as jolly as if it were drinking Kras Teran!” Well, he was right. Come and see for yourself …

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