Sustainable Tourism in the Logar Valley

Trekking in Logar Valley, photo by Tomo Jesenicnik
Trekking in Logar Valley, photo by Tomo Jesenicnik

The Logar Valley Landscape Park –  recipient of the ‘Slovenian Green Park’ label

The Logar Valley Landscape Park has received new proof of its sustainable tourism – the ‘Slovenian Green Park’ label. The label unites numerous other destinations that have already achieved and demonstrated sustainable tourism. The Natura 2000 protected area, the European Destination of Excellence, and the Slovenia Green destination of Solčava encompass three alpine valleys: Matkov kot, Robanov kot and the Logar Valley Landscape Park with their lush forests, crystal clear waterfalls and springs, mountain huts and other types of accommodation.

Even greater comfort for guests following the renovation of Vila Palenk

Following renovation, as of January 2019 the rooms of Vila Palenk have a new look and supplement the accommodation available at Hotel Plesnik. The renovation of Hotel Plesnik, which has taken place in three phases, is now complete.

The Alpine Eko Wellness Centre was the first area to undergo renovation, where the small classic pool has been transformed into a real alpine adventure. Nature can be felt all around…wood, stone, water, fire…guests have access to a completely natural outside swimming pool, in the centre of which, by the light of an evening fire, they can enjoy the freshness of the evening beneath the starry sky. 

The second phase of the work was the renovation of the rooms at Hotel Plesnik. The new rooms, redecorated in an alpine style with the aroma of wood, satisfy the guests of today. To ensure total pampering, guests staying at Hotel Plesnik and Vila Palenk have access to the Alpine Eko Wellness Centre.

The final phase of the work was the renovation of the rooms in Vila Palenk, which have been redecorated in the same style as those of Hotel Plesnik.

Why choose the Logar Valley for a business meeting or event?

Meetings or events in a family-run boutique hotel offer a different experience. The chance to escape into unspoilt nature provides all the conditions needed for a successful event – peace, so that participants can focus on the event. The adaptability of the team ensures that events run to plan.

Team spirit is further extended when entertainers run fun farmers’, hunters’ and shepherds’ games, whilst participants are occupied outside in the fresh air, among nature – even if it’s raining – hunting for lost sheep!

Why? In short: a sense of homeliness and the truly wonderful nature in the heart of the Alps, together with the luxuriously renovated hotel rooms and wellness centre, and a wealth of outdoor activities, and more!

This hidden corner in the Alps is the right answer to the question of ‘Where’ to ensure an event with a difference!