Sustainable Way of Holding Meetings in Ljubljana


Being European Green Capital 2016, Ljubljana constantly promotes sustainable and healthy activities in the city. The Slovenian capital was awarded repeatedly for its initiatives and this behaviour is noticeable also in terms of meetings and events.

In December, Green Destinations launched its “Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 list” and has put Ljubljana on that list. The result depends on the evaluations in six categories: nature, environment, culture and tradition, social well-being, green economy and certified green tourist policy. The jury stated: “Ljubljana has in the last 10 years achieved a remarkable sustainable transformation including local transport, pedestrianising of the city centre, protection of green areas and effective solutions in waste and water management. The main focus of city development is to increase the quality of life, include stakeholders in city management, preserve the local identity and offer its visitors a unique experience.”

In April 2015, Ljubljana was awarded with the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award in the category “Destination”. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) honours those tourism destination organisations which showcase the commitment to supporting and delivering sustainable tourism best practices in their destinations. At the WTTC Global Summit on 15 and 16 April 2015 in Madrid, the decision was made clear by the judges: “Ljubljana has been completely redesigned with sustainability in mind in the recent years.”

Furthermore, The European Commission’s committee awarded the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2016 to the Slovenian capital because the sustainable development of the city was the most significant one in the shortest time possible.

Ljubljana constantly promotes healthy and sustainable activities for meetings. From August 17-22, the Lepton Photon Congress, the 27th International Conference of High Energy Physics, took place in GR-Ljubljana Exhibition & Convention centre. Each participant got a free glass bottle, conveying the message about the value of water sources and the invitation to fill it with water from Ljubljana public drinking fountains. During the medical congress ESRA at CD Congress Centre Ljubljana in September, Ljubljana followed the motto “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”: delegates participated in an early morning run in the Trivoli Park, boosting their energy levels before the meetings.

At Conventa (8th New Europe Exhibition for Meetings, Events and Incentive) taking place from 20-21 January 2016 in Ljubljana, sustainability is going to play an important role likewise. Organizers follow the aim to reduce a negative environmental impact of the show. Thus, they introduced sustainable guidelines which consist of 15 practices. Conventa participants are asked to take these acts such as decrease the generation of waste, prefer products with a high recycled content and reuse or donate materials.

Being European Green Capital 2016, many actions are planned to fully meet the standards of this honour and to make the upcoming year a green one in any case. Topics are, among others: smart waste management, responsible water management, energy efficiency and adaptation to climate change.

Source: tmf dialogue marketing