Sweet Incentive Idea: Chocolate Adventure in Maribor

Chocolate workshop in Chocolate Village near Maribor
Chocolate workshop in Chocolate Village near Maribor

Looking for an an exceptional and memorable incentive experience, leaving lasting impression on your client? Chocolate Village by the river might be your next incentive idea.

Get to know Teta Frida’s (Aunt Frida) legendary chocolate manufactory and turn into a chocolate chef for a day. Create your own chocolate creation in the beautiful surroundings of Drava river just a stone’s throw away from Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city, famous, among other things, as the place where the world’s oldest vine is grown. Chocolate Village is located in a natural park just a few minutes away from the city centre of Maribor and its main sights, cycling trails, wine routes, etc.

Chocolate culinary workshop is an exciting incentive idea or a team building can be performed in any time of year, suitable for smaller groups. This hands-on experience requires no previous cooking knowledge to create and enjoy the sweet delicacies, the culinary journey offers an engaging learning experience to each chocolate chef. But that’s not all! Chocolate Village is a luxury glamping resort where you can enjoy in various village experiences and choose between tree canopies or between hills by the river. 

Welcome, and let the magic of Chocolate Village impress you!

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