Tales of Countryside Castles and Turnip Caves

Slovenia’s vibrant past whispers numerous stories and legends enshrined in the local folklore. One of these is the history of the Posavje region, which can still be experienced in various exciting ways. Across Posavje, castles will greet you from all sides of the horizon in a land of unspoiled nature, hearty tradition and soulful folk.

Historical, cultural and natural heritage, local cuisine and custom, all meticulously intertwined with a lively palette of outdoor experiences throughout South-Eastern Slovenia, these are the attributes giving the region outstanding potential for the meetings industry. The diverse offer of this charming part of subalpine Slovenia will satisfy guests with the highest expectations – here lies the mysterious Pleterje Carthusian Monastery where one can discover the healing recipes and natural delights of this ancient order, there’s golfing under the medieval ramparts of the Mokrice Castle, a colourful variety of sports and recreation activities in serene nature, or the spirited incentives showcasing the local folklore. Authenticity at its finest. Let’s present two sparkly places in particular …

Mokrice Castle – an elegant location in pristine nature

A stroll among the sycamore trees of the castle park. The air is crisp, fresh with the scent of living wood, the treetops melodious with the finely tuned choir of songbirds. A vista opens up across a landscape strewn with vineyards, where the hills and plains are quietly flirting. A place where the rustling of leaves murmurs from serene woods, where time stops and you’re overwhelmed by a sensation of profound peace. An experience focused on the moment. Grace.

At the outskirts of the ancient Gorjanci Hills, in the bounty of the wine-bearing slopes of Bizeljsko, reigns the splendid medieval Mokrice Castle. The history of the place reaches back into Antiquity, when the Roman fortification Romula guarded the land from this very hill, whilst first records of Mokrice date back to the 15th century. Fascinating stories narrate the castle’s thrilling past, critical trade routes from the West to the East, the lavish life of the nobility and many legends unravelling between the stone walls. One is these is that of the harbinger crow, holding a special place in local memory.

The harbinger crow

A legend of the Mokrice Castle tells a crow had flown into the courtyard during the age of the Ottoman raids, wounded by an arrow and thus warning the people of the impending siege. In return for this message of providence, the castellan had the harbinger crow depicted in a place of honour – the bastion’s coat of arms, which it graces to this day.

But that’s not all! The medieval castle offers more than just a fantastic escape into the past or daydreaming in a charming ambience; the Mokrice Castle namely offers, next to one of the nicest 18-hole golf courses far and wide, boutique high-end accommodations and exquisite wine and culinary offer, also a conference centre hosting a range of events and admitting up to 100 guests. As the hosts like to say, inner peace and privacy reside in their tidy English landscape garden and the surrounding pristine nature. Lovers of wellbeing will be delighted by the refined offer of the nearby Čatež Spa & Wellness Centre, the country’s biggest thermal water destination found just a stone’s throw from the Mokrice Castle. Its seasoned team of professionals makes sure each event resonates in the spirit of the attendees and lingers in memory, whether it be a conference, congress, expert convention, incentive or teambuilding program. Plainly put, business and social gatherings here sparkle with a distinctive flair.

Hospitable turnip caves, a lovely rustic contrast to the castle glamour

From the medieval chambers to the village – authenticity in the truest sense of the word. Curious local sights certainly include the “repnice” or turnip caves, calling for exploration. These are burrows excavated in quartz sand where locals traditionally stored turnip over the winter, as an essential cattle fodder of old, giving the turnip caves their name. Today these have a colourful variety of uses: many winemakers refurnished them into petite cellars for the aging and tasting of wine and other home delicacies. 100 % local, 100 % authentic. Highly recommended!

“It’s a wonderful day, and spring is in the air” sings a popular Slovenian song. Indeed, in Posavje it’s easy to enjoy a wonderful time. Authenticity and a personal touch are certain to leave that wow! impression in your satisfied attendees, coveted by any organizer. Surrender to the charms of thermal Pannonian Slovenia’s star locations, adding a touch of local magic to your event!

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Welcome, and let us impress you!

Author: Jasna Jašič, Marketing & Communications Manager, Slovenian Convention Bureau